A mother’s Fate …!

As a child I have been brought up in a family where my brothers and I were treated equally by my father . There was not a single kind of discrimination which could be pointed out there and then . But then too there was an element of inequality when the way we used to treat our mother compared to our father . Today on mother’s day when everyone of us were celebrating and putting mom on whatsapp status , I found myself deeply involved in the real life status of mothers .

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I remember we used to settle every corner of the house knowing that dady was returning back from his office . Mummy used to prepare snack and tea . All four of us used to sit with our books pretending of doing our homeworks . Since then till the next morning every member used to revolve around the wish of dady . His dinner , his glass of milk , his bed , his clothes everything was available just at the blink of his eye . We all used to credit Dady for running the entire house and bearing all the loads . Mummy never had a Sunday . Everyday used to be same for her . Same household work , same kitchen , same broom , same walls . We actually used to ignore mummy most of the times . She was like a figure always there at our duty . And it was only rare when she used to be appreciated . It’s because ' every woman do this , you are no special '. When father used to get sick all of us used to get extremely worried for him . But several times Mummy used to cook and get up early for us with 102 degrees heated body . I am in no way comparing the roles of father and mother . The role of father is unimaginable important but his role is accepted by every core of society . He is considered and regarded as pillar of family . It is said that man runs the house . And here I find myself not agreeing with the society . I believe a father is able to accomplish every task because of a lady standing behind him . A father has liberty to decide rules and regulations of the house . Every member must obey them . But a mother has nothing to decide . She don’t even decides the menu . She dance at her toes whole day at a single wish of her children.

We ignore her . Domestic work is not regarded as a contribution in the society . Today when I am married , I work and look after the household , I realised that being a working lady is tough , very tough but at the same time it brings self confidence and independency . But being a household lady you are rarely appreciated for anything . Your work and sacrifices are not even counted . I have no idea how many nights my mother would have slept at the time decided by herself . I have no idea how many morning she had wake up according to her wish . Everybody knows what father likes or dislikes but how many of us knows what food or color our mothers like ? It’s because she has painted herself with the color of you .

Regard Mothers ….!



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