Addiction to Overthinking ..!

What exactly is Overthinking ?

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Overthinking is a state of mind where you feel that there is no vaccum . There is no end to the thoughts . You feel as if a sentence do not have a full stop . Your brain is fully loaded with the burden of revolving words that travel slowly from your brain to your eyebrows and forehead . You feel tension at your brows . You scream to escape but you are so much entangled in the viscous circle of thoughts that freedom appears to be unattainable. The major thing is that there is no criteria of event which can make you overthink . It’s your own personality that drags you to that mental status . However that personality depends on one’s circumstances , environment and parenting and may be alot more things . But one feels helpless .

Ways to overcome

  • Talk to your favourite pal
  • Never isolate , social life is important
  • Meditate , it’s tough for those who have never thought of it . But it helps . One can visit Vipassana or meditation ashrams which are easily available. But the challenge is to convince the people around you . Because mental health is still a topic rarely talked about . People would call you mad .

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  • Try to distract your focus from thinking to doing something constructive . Think about keeping yourself engaged in your most favourite hobbies . Be it writing , playing , watching movies , gossips or anything .
  • Try to take a proper sleep
  • Eat healthy , write down your whole day schedule . Discipline your life
  • Try to say No . As most of the times one suffer from Overthinking because they keep themselves in the state of delema . You force yourself doing that which you are not agree with . A little courage to deny what you don’t consider right will change your life .
  • Love yourself , stop comparison .
  • Don’t try to change the world , rather try to adapt and accept .
  • Stay away from negative people around . Choose your friends wisely .
  • Travel
    Moving out and get some fresh air will not only distract you but also will makes you socialize . You l feel water , air , grass , sky , mountains
    You l get a chance to know and love your presence . A small trip can break the change of your continuous negative thoughts and water their fire moving inside you . That will energise you from with in . Your body will move , consequently the blood flow will increase and give more power to the brain to filter out negativity . You l get positive .

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  • Enjoy little events and things in life
  • Do it your way
  • Communicate
  • Do not hesitate talking to a counsellor
  • Try to face the criticism , you are not born to impress everyone and everyone is not born to admire you .
  • Keep hydrated

Don’t get paralyzed by your own thoughts . As the old proverb says that excess of everything is dangerous . Thoughts makes us human . But uncontrolled thoughts can turn out toxic for your life . Each and every day is precious . Life has limited hours and that too not known . Make your life a treasure . Trust me no body else’s loss is this . Don’t ruin but stand , not for anyone else but for yourself . Atleast try .



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Sarika Singh

Sarika Singh

Writing about my own experiences and thoughts and also to evaluate them from time to time . A civil servant , a learner .