If I were in Old stone age ..!

I see myself wrapped with a fancy skin of animal or a large leaf only covering some of me , holding a large stone near my holy rock shelter Bhimbetika cave situated in Madhya Pradesh.My cave is beautiful , it’s all protected , no rain can be a danger to me , no winds can uproot my home . I also did some painting on the walls of my cave . I painted what I see , the animals , grass , trees , etc .

Image courtesy: timesofindia.com

But this was just temporary home , I had to keep on changing my homes depending on the favourable weather conditions and my food . My favourite food were never found at a particular place , I really liked goat , which used to appear only when grass was there .

Image courtesy : slideplayer.com

One of my friend lives in Kurnool cave located in present day Andhra Pradesh . He told me the trick to fire . Near my cave is a valley of river Narmada , it’s pure and clean . Animals like goats , sheep which feed on grass visit here , I hunt them with the help of my friends , for that we have large stones , and pebbles collected from the nearby river valley . And then we all used to sit together and roast the meat of hunted animal and have some fun and party spending night around the bonfire.

Image courtesy : iStock.com

We often go out to trees to chop the wood , gather the fruits and dig the roots with my special choppers in my hand .

My life was all about eating eating and eating . But we had to struggle alot . We had to make strategies to get our dinner and lunch . Some animals were used to be large and offensive . We used to hide in search of our targets . Used to sharpen our axes and tools and pebbles so that we did not miss our targets . After a long hard excercise , we used to get our meat . Used to fire the woods to prepare our dinner , we had no utensils 🥺. None has homes built to prove their larger names and fame. There were no casts , no hierarchy . All were equals , all were equally naked and equally covered. Livelihood although was hard yet peaceful . We did not have doctors , engineers , but we had friends . We used to eat together .

(Article is based on imagining myself in that age )



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Sarika Singh

Sarika Singh

Writing about my own experiences and thoughts and also to evaluate them from time to time . A civil servant , a learner .