Marrying at the age of 40 ?

Some of the societal thoughts :

  • She is unmarried till now , must be involved in some affair 💔
  • Oh she would be near to her menopause🧟
    She is no more a girl 😌
  • She will soon get her hairs grey
  • She will look like nani to her children
  • And all sorts of unwanted items .
  • At this age love seems to be the part of fairytale stories confined to books only
  • Personality is in the stage where chances in flexibility of thoughts are reduced to a drastic level
  • It’s hard to chose the life partner as you think with your brain everytime your heart start feeling something
  • You are ready with some logical / rational ideas even in the emotions
  • You trust less
  • You feel underconfident thinking you are forty
  • You have a pressure of getting pregnant soon .
  • You have lost interest in buying lehnga or bangles for yourself
  • You think of getting married without being able to enjoy the event .
  • It becomes a social responsibility for you rather than being your own emotional needs .



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Sarika Singh

Sarika Singh

Writing about my own experiences and thoughts and also to evaluate them from time to time . A civil servant , a learner .