Marrying at the age of 40 ?

Sarika Singh
4 min readFeb 3, 2022


Recently one of my close friend is getting married . She is near to 40 as per her documents . She has always been the charming girl , the quiet person . She was so beautiful that every second guy of our class used to dream of being her guy . But trust me life is totally unpredictable . You have no idea where it l be totally out of your plans . She lost both of her parents right after the college . She had couple of brothers who were married already . She within no time became a burden on them . I somehow got so much busy in my studies that left any contacts with her . Heard of her sister’s marriage from some source after some seven years ( I was also married by that time ) . Her Parents used to look for a groom for her sister right from the college days but things were unsettled . Face value is no less a culprit . A lady has to qualify all the parameters to get what she never even choose 🙆🙅 . Well I after some 10 years arranged her number . Called her , she was the same kind and now was in a govt job . I was happy for her . She had a struggling life . After brothers withdrew their support she managed to earn livelihood for her and sister . She found a groom for her sister . And during all these she turned according to society “ too old as a woman to get married ”. The biodata contain everything one desires in a bride but the numbers of her age were odd to the society.

Some of the societal thoughts :

  • She is unmarried till now , must be involved in some affair 💔
  • Oh she would be near to her menopause🧟
    She is no more a girl 😌
  • She will soon get her hairs grey
  • She will look like nani to her children
  • And all sorts of unwanted items .

As if she is a book with no ink on it . Any one can come just turn their pages and write their judgements about her personality . Now this is only one side of the coin . The other side is the individual itself . Marrying late at the age of 40 is not easy for a woman herself . She has to pass through a lot of delimma in her mind . She has to make herself ready . I am writing here some of the challenges which she goes through in her mind .

  • At this age love seems to be the part of fairytale stories confined to books only
  • Personality is in the stage where chances in flexibility of thoughts are reduced to a drastic level
  • It’s hard to chose the life partner as you think with your brain everytime your heart start feeling something
  • You are ready with some logical / rational ideas even in the emotions
  • You trust less
  • You feel underconfident thinking you are forty
  • You have a pressure of getting pregnant soon .
  • You have lost interest in buying lehnga or bangles for yourself
  • You think of getting married without being able to enjoy the event .
  • It becomes a social responsibility for you rather than being your own emotional needs .

You are not able to express your disliking . All in one you really are not able to feel such an important even of your life .

There is no age of doing anything . Your life should be in your hands . You should be the ruler of it . Everybody has different circumstances . Every other life has different clock . Marry at 60 if you feel like marrying then . Yes of course it’s the society which creates a lot of tamasha but a single change of thought can bless your own life . A single positive way and change the whole story . Some body has rightly said “ age is just the number ”. The positive sides

You actually have a chance to start romantic fairy tale at the age when most of the jantaa must have taken retirement from that .You are able to look beautiful when most of them have accepted the grey hairs .

Now I am trying to hide my aunty looks to attend her marriage soon .😜😜 And I am writing this wearing a shirt printing a Mickey mouse and a hair carrying fairy bow . Feeling like in my teens . 💃💃



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