Rise Roar Revolt …!

Film directed by S S Rajamouli was successful enough to catch the very attention of his audience .

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Almost each and every moment in the film was strong and appealing enough to take the audience into that era of 1920s when British colonists were ruling over our land .

The movie also throws light on the lives of tribal communities , the bond and love between them and their feeling of oneness with belongingness . The two revolutionaries Alluri Sitarama Raju and Komaram Bheem were shown all instilled with love for their motherland . Komaram Bheem was the leader from the Gond tribe .He in association with other members led a low intensity rebellion against the Nizam’s of Hyderabad and the British Raj , which culminated into the Telangana Rebellion of 1946 .Bheem is credited for coining the slogan “jal jangal , zameen. ” Tribal communities are connected by the invisible wire of their stong traditions and culture . And any external interference which might have potential to disturb their internal harmony is treated like any invader and hence pushed back . The jungles , the earth , the little traditional technologies are invented by them for their own benefits . And history is evident that they are mostly targetted for exploiting those . Left ignored and neglected they revolt to save their indigenous rich culture and identity .

Malli a small member of Gond tribe was as important as any other . Bheem took the charge and responsibility of bringing her back from the British colonists . Police officer Rama Raju was given the charge of capturing Bheem . Rama Raju was an Indian revolutionary in the British regiment to gain their trust so that he can fulfil his real motives of equipping his people with arms . Rajamouli beautifully painted his imagination on the screen , imagining what would have happened had they met and been friends . Raja and Bheem met coincidently , not knowing each other . How they met opened their hearts infront of all . To save a life of young fisherman both joined hands , risked their lives similarly and saved . Malli was the goal of Bheem and for Raja the goal was to capture Bheem ( to gain more trust of British governor ). Jennifer , Bheem’s love interest helped him to reach Malli . Rama Raju was jailed when found helping Bheem which Bheem did not know . It was only after he met Sita , Rama’s fiancee that he came to know about the real face and sacrifice of Rama . Then like a little Ramayan he pledged to bring Rama back to Sita . He did that . A d in return of this favour asked to teach police methods of war to Gond

The strong and powerful build of both the revolutionary characters was magnificent . That bravery , passion for their earth , love for their communities was spiritual .

Their were some beautiful morals in the plot .

  • Even after knowing that Rama was a police officer , Bheem left the opportunity of killing him because of his friendship , shows that emotions of love can not be broken easily
  • Jennifer was a kind human , she couldn’t see indians being treated as animals
  • To accomplish a larger goal , small sacrifices are inevitable . Rama did not blinked his eyes infront of British and was available for any task given
  • Sita was his strength , she saved the lives of Gond by her intellectual approch . Nothing really weakened her .
  • Anything can be achieved by courage and true motives . Unity stands high .
  • British was acting against humanity . They placed the price of their one bullet over the life of a single life . They treated them like a shit . Rama was an efficient officer but was not promoted and credited for his ability because he was an Indian . And these acts of cruelty , biasness , superiority , United the locals against their exploitation .
  • Rise against any inhuman act , Roar infront of exploitation and revolt if necessary to save your dignity , identity and liberty

In the end RRR is a must watch . The scenes are impressive . Small appearance of Ajay Devgan was appealing.Alia was innocent and brave . Movie is strong . We could enjoy the show even at the bottom row of the theatre .



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