The correct age of getting married .

So , what to do you think is the correct age of getting married ? The Indian law says the legal age of marriage for women is 18 and for men it is 21 . Now when I think or analyse behind the causes , I find that girls mostly goes through their physical development and mensuration to catch that women mark by the time they reaches 14 , means between the approximate age of 11 and 16 they usually have their womanhood achieved by physical parameters . To be straight they are now eligible to carry a foetus in their wombs . By the age of 18 they are treated as full fledged women to hold the responsibilities of household . For the males it is 21 because in most of the cases this is the age one can get a government or private jobs . They are now eligible to earn the bread for their household . That were the two major criterias which is still dominant in the society .

But what to you think is the correct age for you ? Or you just blindly want to follow the world ? What if your mind is not ready but your body is supposed to be ? What if you have other dreams to accomplish right now ? Are you ready to leave everything at 18 or 21 ? The list of questions is endless but is often ignored . Because people says everything has a correct time ( considered by societal protocols , and totally not decided by you ) .

Getting married later in the life can create a lot of problems like ( some hypocrisy )

  • You might get difficulties getting pregnant 🤰
  • You might not be able to adjust 💃🤷
  • You will get 40 or 50 by the time your child reaches 10 🥺👪
  • Your potential like your hormones starts leaving you 🥱😴
  • You don’t look like an ideal couple at your wedding , you might look old
  • You are at your honeymoon when the friends of your age are dropping their child in class 6th 😝😍🧘
  • You gets retired and your son is still not graduated
  • Marital disputes

There is no correct age actually . Nothing is called as late . These days people are engaged in their careers , and getting married in thirtees is normal . One should marry at a age one thinks he or she is mentally , physically and emotionally ready for it and not what the world thinks about your age and emotions . Minimum age decided by the legal structure is important because that is evidently an age where one can decide about herself or himself .

What actually is important

  • Give yourself time to decide what is your correct age
  • Marriage is not the only thing you should consider . It’s your decision whether or when or whom you want to marry
  • Face and ignore the societal taunts , lectures and comments
  • Marriage is an important event , it completely changes your life . An entirely different person would be your life partner . Feel if you are ready to adjust
  • Be straight about your choices
  • Don’t hesitate if you have feelings for the same gender , it’s absolutely normal .
  • There are many alternatives to concieving normally . Science has made tremendous achievements . Their are alternatives like IUI , ivf , surrogacy and the holy process of adoption . So dont fall in the well for just getting pregnant
  • Emotional connection between the two partners is important . Chose wisely and not by any materialistic ways
  • Your life should be run by your own choices . You should take advises , should respect the feelings of parents but in the end should decide yourself .
  • Society doesn’t come to solve the disputes, they come to gossip about it , so dont let yourself moved by the societal pressure
  • You are not born to get married and have a baby if you don’t want to . Step in once you feel you are ready to , and you feel you have found your right man or woman . Marriage is a term beyond only getting wife or husband and becoming parents . It’s a bond which keeps the cycle moving . It’s a relationship where sorrows and happiness are shared . It’s based on devotion and adjustments and understandings . Marriage is an important part of civilization . It should not be seen through the narrow lenses of society . It should be felt and accepted and should not be drived by external forces . Even after marriage the couple should give time to each other to have that emotional understandings .

So it’s totally not abnormal if you have planned your marriage or found your life partner post 50 or post your menu pause .



Writing about my own experiences and thoughts and also to evaluate them from time to time . A civil servant , a learner .

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Sarika Singh

Sarika Singh

Writing about my own experiences and thoughts and also to evaluate them from time to time . A civil servant , a learner .