The Fire of Anger …!

Anger is an expression of disagreement .

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When you lose your self control your behaviour is preyed and it gradually ruin your entire system of nerves . You feel like as if a war is going inside , a volcano has erupted inside you . It within seconds become so strong that you feel like converting everything infront into ashes . There is a continuous tension at your forehead and behind . Logics and reasons and an ability to listen is totally disrupted . It’s a moment when words coming from inside are without any boundaries . Anger doesn’t actually burn the subject but it burns you . It’s that state of mind when breathes are abnormal . Blood is not in its usual mood and sometimes the stomach gets upset . Everything done in anger is wrong . Because in that state you lose your potential to think . You just act and react thoughtlessly . In the race of fetching some relief to yourself you , you actually put yourself on the verge of madness . An uncontrolled prolonged anger is a disease . It’s a mental health disorder . The origin lies in parenting and the environment in which one is raised . Our personality is a product of all these factors . Our nature , behaviours borrows its shape from these factors . Not every anger is a disorder . Some amount of expression is natural and normal . It’s an expression against threat . Many things can trigger it . It can be job dissatisfaction , family issues , marital issues , depression and disappointments , rejections , neglegance , alcoholism etc .

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How to control Anger

  • Accepting and realising that you have an issue and it’s not normal .
  • Counseling , once realised about an issue you should not hesitate talking about it . You might need a help . And it actually helps . A trained skilled experienced counsellor will be able to handle the issue
  • Yoga and meditation , it keeps the breath and the while body system functioning in control . Meditation brings peace and relief . Mind and brain functions well . The results are unexpectedly brilliant .
  • Sharing — Why are you in anger , why you are not able to control it . Sharing your views and listening to others sometimes kills the reasons there itself . You don’t feel lonely in that fight . You need support
  • Love and care — it’s still not being treated as a health disorder . People don’t accept it’s an issue . The one who is dealing with it is most of the times rejected and blamed . Every fire needs water to slow down .
  • Travelling — Distracting yourself with the present situation and letting some fresh air in , helps
  • Keeping engage- A lot of people have lots of idle time , where their brain gets involved in unnecessary petty conflicts . Having a routine for yourself brings health and wealth .
  • Reading and meeting postive ones- Surrounding yourself with negativity brings dissatisfaction , depression and disappointment . Your behaviour is greatly influenced by your immediate environment .
  • Socialising — meet people , go to parties , have fun .
  • Hydrating and eating good —

Mental and physical health are interdependent on each other . Water has a significant role to play . Healthy mind lives in healthy body , so here it fits too .



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Sarika Singh

Writing about my own experiences and thoughts and also to evaluate them from time to time . A civil servant , a learner .