The first step in sasural

It’s like Not Mine

You enter the first step and it feels so awkward. There is no alternative to smile . You really have no idea whether it’s actually good or bad it’s just awkward . People behave their own way but you have to behave not your way but their way . You are in the mid of a severe transition . The long and hard earned identity seems to be overtaken .You suddenly have to be Seeta from Geeta .

The two Mums

Though the other one is nice yet is she my mum , I mean really ?? 🧟But since you were born you had one mother . And you were always told that mother is one who brought you to the world , who raised you and who eats only after you eat 🤱👺😞. It’s so much difficult to call the mother-in-law as Mummy

The customs, beliefs and rituals unknown

You had a different life style . You had a different biological clock . Yes of course you know that one should respect the culture and beliefs of everyone but losing ones and following others (even if you don’t like)is actually like killing ones own identity and personality built in these 20–30 years . All hard work of my parents and teachers went in vain , a single moment of step in other world expects you to change completely .🙄🤕🤦



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Sarika Singh

Sarika Singh

Writing about my own experiences and thoughts and also to evaluate them from time to time . A civil servant , a learner .